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Stop wasting time sharing information that could have been done in advance. Get everyone laser-focused on discussing what really matters so every meeting brings valuable outcomes.

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Find and manage all your agendas in one place. Always keep in view what was discussed and decided during previous meetings.

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First I took over project supervisorship I was overwhelmed by the number of meetings. It was a challenge to find the time for actual work. Then I learned about Agendalink. With the process it provides I was able to structure the meetings better, make them more productive, and save myself plenty of invaluable time.
Kate L.
Project supervisor
As a project owner, my goal was to optimize. Agendalink’s formula not only made it easy to keep the meetings straight to the point but also saved me and my team a lot of time and effort. It keeps everything in one place and everyone on the same page. A tool I would definitely recommend to every project manager.
Daniel B.
Project owner

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